Fiber optic cabling for broadcasting applications, live events and TV transmissions

Whether in the studio or when transmitting live events: broadcasting applications involve the transmission of vast quantities of data which has to be processed reliably and in real time. Meaning that robust, high-performance fiber optic solutions essential here. And it is also necessary to take account of the very special setting in which live transmissions take place – a complex network of different monitors, microphones and commentary boxes must be interconnected quickly, transparently and absolutely reliably.

Moreover, the network must also be resistant to differing environmental influences and function in hectic operating conditions where it is subjected to mechanical stresses. In our many years of collaboration with broadcasters, system integrators and manufacturers of mobile production units, we have developed a wide range of plug & play cabling solutions which now permit us to cover practically every user requirement. In the case of camera connections, for example, our hybrid plug connectors ensure parallel power and data transmission.

All the signals are collated in the mobile production unit where they are cut and mixed before the ready-to-view stream is transmitted via satellite broadcast. Our patchcords with LC duplex plug connectors are widely used for this. The stage boxes are controlled via our PreCONNECT® FIBER trunks – these hermaphrodite heavy-duty plug connectors permit simple, direct cable-to-cable connections.


Technical requirements:


Simple operation and maintenance


Simple, fast plug & play installation


Exceptional reliability and performance


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