Transport sector


Fiber optic cabling for transport and rail technology

Big Data, IoT and digitalization have long since been part of the rail and aviation sectors – whether in the form of signalling technology or inflight entertainment. Data transfer over high-performance optical fiber cables has three core properties which are of particular value in these challenging environments.

  • First of all, there is the “built-in” galvanic separation of transmitter and receiver: Differences in potential between different system components therefore have no impact.
  • Secondly, there is the absolute insensitivity to electromagnetic interference: Extreme voltage peaks and strong electromagnetic fields are not at all unusual in industrial environments.
  • And thirdly, there is the ability to transfer high data rates over large distances.

Whether along the railway line or in aircraft – Distances of several hundred metres or even several kilometres are commonplace. In addition, all the solutions must be able to withstand demanding mechanical stresses such as impacts and vibrations, be insensitive to dust and dirt, meet exacting safety standards and be easy to handle.


Technical requirements:


Extreme thermal loads


Enhanced safety requirements


Ease of handling


Maintenance-free and failure proof


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