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Inspection and Cleaning Kit


Conforming to the relevant standards for FO measurement and for the operation of FO networks, the FO connectivity systems must be inspected visually with a microscope for cleanliness and must be cleaned if necessary, particularly if frequent patching is done. Our inspection and cleaning kit contains all cleaning material, detergents and tools for visual inspection and cleaning of FO connectors and adapters.



  • Robust hard-top case with belt. The kit includes accessories and tools for inspection and cleaning of fiber optic connectors.
  • The video microscope enables the inspection of fiber end faces. The result is observed either on the microscope display (type A) or on the screen of a PC or Laptop (type B). With the large working distance of its lens, an inspection through a panel adapter is possible. The USB version (type B) allows the storage of picture data.
  • The basic configuration with microscope includes adapters for ∅2.5 and ∅1.25 standard ferrules and the cleaning equipment. Consumables, Accessories and microscope adapters for special connector types can be ordered optionally.

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