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Modern solutions for effective building cabling

PreCONNECT® isoNET, flexNET & smartNET set new standards for effective building cabling.

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State-of-the-art cabling for envia TEL's colocation data center

Installation of future-oriented cabling infrastructure meets all the requirements for SK3/VK3 of the EN 50600 certification.

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Awarded as Digital Innovation Leader

Award as "Digital Innovation Leader 2020" (F.A.Z. Institute) for the patents submitted in the field of FO infrastructure.

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Solution provider for Meet-Me-Rooms

DN-ODF (Data Network Optical Distribution Frame) recommended for use in Meet-Me-Rooms.

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Scalable infrastructure in Elmec's Tier IV data center

Rosenberger OSI installs High Density (HD) fiber optic panel in Elmec's high-performance data center.

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NTT Technology Experience Lab

Partner of NTT Ltd.'s Technology Experience Lab

Live demonstrations of trend-setting use cases up to 400GbE planned in NTT Ltd.'s Technology Experience Lab.

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