Vlog #2 No hierachies - key to sucess


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Rosenberger OSI opted for a very modern, future-oriented organizational form years ago.

In conversation about it: Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI and Vicky Mergen, HR


What exactly is different from the others?

Thomas Schmidt: Different at Rosenberger OSI is that we don't have heads of and departments any longer. All our collegues meet on an eye level and we ground a generous decision making environment. So competition is very hard and we face it by being different. We want to be faster, more flexibel and we do this with enthusiatic employees.

What was the motivation for this change?

Thomas Schmidt: When you realize that you are just as slow and inflexibel as your competitor, you have to change something. We as a company always drive for our goal of a steady and sustainable growth. And we realized that the old organization did not support this. That's why we decided to take this radical step and go for this transformation to more agility and flexibility.

What does it mean for the employees? What advantage do they have in contrast to the past?

Thomas Schmidt: The list of advantages and benefits for the employees is long and endless. Best thing would be to ask the employees how they experience the new organization. What definitely stands out is that we now as a sucessfull company can ground a certain, long-term job security. And in addition, regardless of the position of the employee everybody can pursue a career and can earn additional money.

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