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Economic efficiency and future-oriented IT infrastructure - how does it fit together?

The digitization poses special challenges to the IT infrastructure of real estate. But how can economic efficiency and a future-oriented IT network fit…

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SUSTAINABILITY in the building cabling - just a buzzword?

Sustainability is playing a key role in building cabling nowadays focussing on more durable, economical materials with high data throughput, as e.g. FTT-ACP.

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Building cabling for digital business processes

Is your building cabling fit for digital business processes?

The digitization takes their toll. Increasing bandwidths, higher transmission rates & more powerful network components are the basis for modern office cabling.

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400G OM4

400G OM4: what to expect in 2019? New applications for OM4.

400 Gigabit Ethernet and parallel optics are gaining ground, especially in the datacenter. New multimode FO transceivers for 400G OM4 will be launched in 2019.

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Future-oriented cabling is paving the way for Smart Working

Flexibility is an essential feature of the working world 4.0. Cabling also plays a crucial role. Economy and plug & play installation are important criteria.

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Service specialists are the heroes of the data center

In the data centers, service is increasingly coming to the fore. Service specialists not only take care of commissioning but are also on hand during operation.

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