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Singlemode or multimode glass fiber?

How can performance and costs be meaningfully evaluated against each other? A comprehensive need analysis is the key to success.

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Structured cabling - current specifications & recommendations

Structured cabling creates a future-proof basis for networks regardless of applications. Current standards, infrastructure and advantages.

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Identification Patch Cord

Clever patching for high availability in the data center

The constant availability of the company's internal IT is essential today. But how can the cord ends be identified safely during the re-patch process?

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Flexibility in building cabling - does the world of work 4.0 really need it?

Flexibility is particularly in demand when companies change their processes in order to master the challenges of digitization. Is the infrastructure affected?

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A natural phenomen helps high-tech & it works for datacenters

The adhesion of dust, moisture or grease particles on FO contacts are frequent reasons for failure. Nature has the solution to this problem: the lotus effect.

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Economic efficiency and future-oriented IT infrastructure - how does it fit together?

The digitization poses special challenges to the IT infrastructure of real estate. But how can economic efficiency and a future-oriented IT network fit…

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