Nouveau datacenter pour DVAG

Costs and schedule well under control


Rosenberger OSI realizes modern data center for DVAG at new location

The Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) has been on a course of growth for many years now. As a result of this, it has 6 properties throughout Frankfurt. The new company headquarters offers enough room for all workspaces. For the planning and realization of the new data center, DVAG is relying on the expertise of the cabling specialist Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), which is based in Augsburg.

Since it was founded in 1975, the Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) has been at home in the financial metropolis Frankfurt. The largest independent financial advising group in Germany offers comprehensive, multi-class, all-round financial advice for a large section of the population, in line with its corporate motto “Wealth Accumulation for Everyone!”. With more than 3,400 administrative and branch offices, the DVAG supports and advises around 6 million customers in relation to finances, pension provision and insurance. Since it was founded, the company has been on a course of growth. Due to the ongoing development, the company has had to lease additional external office space over the years, in addition to its headquarters.

These were spread across Frankfurt. This spatial separation proved to be inefficient and made it difficult for the staff to exchange information with one another. As a result of this, the decision was made to move away from decentralized locations and set up a new corporate headquarters, which would offer enough space for all employees of the group. In spring 2015, the DVAG therefore purchased an office complex in the Gutleutviertel in Frankfurt. However, in order to fulfill the requirements of the finance company, significant restructuring measures were needed. One huge activity within the construction project was the new data center, in which the entire IT department of the DVAG was to be housed.


High performance applications are essential

For its daily business, the DVAG requires a smooth running IT infrastructure, which must provide great performance around the clock. The IT department must provide access to all applications in the DVAG online system which the financial advisors need for their daily work. The central IT department is also responsible for the technical operation of the DVAG website as well as its financial advisors. What’s more, it also takes care of the maintenance of the consulting technology.

The DVAG is a pioneer when it comes to the use of mobile applications, which is why mobile devices and mobile applications have now become a core component of the IT portfolio. This list is rounded off with consulting applications, which must be accessible via the network of the DVAG in order to support the daily business activities. The IT application area also includes development environments, as the financial markets are subject to continuous dynamic development, and the IT department of DVAG has to be able to adapt the solutions, which are used on a daily basis, in line with changing market developments in a timely manner.


Focus on costs and schedule

One key challenge assigned to the data center planners, in addition to cost efficiency, was the need for the facility to be completed as quickly as possible. “Rosenberger OSI was a preferred partner for the DC area, and luckily was able to win the call for tenders”, said Ronald Appel, who is responsible for data center operation at the DVAG. The Augsburg-based company acted as general contractor during the entire project for cabling planning as well as the installation of copper and optical fiber cables. It was also responsible for the delivery and installation of the racks, cooling aisles and row coolers.


The support from the experts from Rosenberger OSI was a great help to us, even during the planning phase, because thanks to the intensive and sometimes also cross-functional advice, we were able to surmount numerous hurdles proactively during the individual construction phases.

Ronald Appel, Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG)


IT planning took place in various partial stages, whereby the teams worked closely together to work through the various points in the specifications sheet. During the first step, the room requirements of the new HQ were determined. One of the most important substages was the planning of the data center as well as the individual realization steps. For this purpose, the specifications had to be determined and planned in detail. The planned commissioning of the new IT environment and the relocation of the previous data center to the new premises were also specified in detail in this sub-stage.


Planning and communication are everything

Planning of the main network was tackled during the next sub-stage. This included the workspace network as well as the WLAN. The power supply and security structures were the next points on the list. These infrastructure plans were supplemented with details regarding the design and installation of the telecommunications infrastructure with telephony and fax. Sub-stage 5 dealt with the relocation of the workspaces with PCs, telephones and printers. During the last stage, the media technology with LED walls, LED panels and beamers was prepared.

The premises did present the DC team with some significant challenges, as reported by Slavko Mucic, who was responsible at Rosenberger OSI for the DVAG project. “The existing infrastructure, such as cooling units, was no longer state-of-the-art or able to fulfill the demands of a modern data center, which meant it had to be modernized from the ground up.” Furthermore, the existing cold water pipes, the subdistributors and power cables also represented a major challenge during the project, as some parts had to be completely renewed. New installations and conversions were also needed for the routes leading to the data center as well as with the distribution of the UPSs. “All of these tricky tasks had to be dealt with while staying within budget”, according to Slavko Mucic. “And the clock was ticking in the background, as the timeframe for realization was binding.”


Constructive cooperation is the success factor

According to Ronald Appel, the IT project was completed on time in relation to the conversion measures thanks to the good planning and constructive cooperation. The Deutsche Vermögensberatung is now working with a modern data center, which includes 565 sqm of floor, storage and circulation space. A new argon gas extinguishing facility has replaced the old sprinkler system. The A/B power supply has now been separated up to the transformers and the lines have been laid without crossovers. Air conditioning is based on n+1 and Turbocor compressors.

Cold aisle containment consists of 72 server racks and 46 Us with row coolers. Furthermore, a 3-zone security concept was realized. The DVAG also focused consistently on structured cabling. For this purpose, Rosenberger OSI laid around 30 km of copper cable and SM trunks (E2000) with 24 channels and a fiber length of 1,824 meters in the new data center.

What’s more, the DVAG data center was equipped with 29 LCC trunks with a total cable length of 743 meters. A further 33 MTP® trunks with a cable length of 829 meters round off the cutting-edge cabling infrastructure based on a combination of single and multi-mode. By using 1U and 5U SMAPG2 racks, the DVAG has also chosen a highly flexible, modular solution that offers maximum rack density.

“All components from the portfolio of Rosenberger OSI enable simple and safe "Plug-and-Play" installation in data centers, which helped to ensure we remained on schedule during the DC reconstruction activities at the DVAG”, explained project manager Mucic. “The decisive advantage is the extremely quick installation time of the solution, because no additional specialists with special tools or measuring devices are needed to lay the cables.”


“We are very satisfied with how the project ran and also the current situation, but we also learned a lot”, summarized Ronald Appel. He recommends that companies facing a similar project should separate the various subsections consistently and clearly define the interfaces. Existing stock and inventory should also be checked very carefully in advance, in order to avoid any unnecessary investments. Planning a realistic timeframe is also important, as time pressure can result in extra, unnecessary costs.

After a construction phase of nearly two years, the DVAG is now happy to be the owner of a modern company headquarters. All of the offices and departments of the Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG and its subsidiaries are now working under one roof again. The new location is bright with an open plan design. What’s more, the workspaces and conference areas are now equipped with the latest IT, communication and conference technologies. Thanks to its cuttingedge company headquarters, the DVAG is now well equipped to handle further growth at its location in Frankfurt.


About the Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG):

With more than 3,400 administrative and branch offices, the DVAG supports and advises around 6 million customers in relation to finances, pension provision and insurance. The DVAG is Germany’s largest independent financial advisor. It offers comprehensive, multi-class, all-round financial advice for a large section of the population, in line with its corporate motto “Wealth Accumulation for Everyone!”.