Not 100% in the cloud - what are the advantages of an existing IT system?

Existing IT: more transparency & higher data protection
Minimal latency through on-premise IT
Hybrid models on the advance

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Cabling strategies for a future-proof data center

Highest port density in the smallest space
Space saving in the rack
Space saving in depth

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Expanded Beam Connectors on the rise

Flexible plug-in technology
Potential for new applications

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Data Center architecture

Data center types in comparison: from server cabinets to hyperscalers

Data center architectures for SMEs
Third party: outsourcing data centers

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Splice solution vs. pre-assembly

Prefabrication saves time and money
High quality ex works

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Optimal data center

DC-Insight: The four most important components of modern data centers

Sustainable data centers rely on new technologies and concepts in core areas such as UPS, security, fire protection, racks and cabling

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