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KRITIS regulation

Secure & legally compliant according to KritisV

When does KRITIS relevance exist?
What does state of the art mean?
Which KRITIS requirements must be observed for data centers and server rooms?

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Vlog #8 Making a success of school digitalization

OSI Insights in our video-blog:
Documentation, planning & data center move
“Big Bang” or individual waves of moves?

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Vlog #7 Réussir le déménagement de votre data center

OSI Insights dans le blog vidéo:
Documentation, planification et déménagement du data centre
"Big Bang" ou vagues individuelles de déménagements ?

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Data Center modernization

Making Data Centers fit for the Future - Part 2

Consider the overall IT strategy
What systems and associated applications should remain on-premises?
Analysis and development of a bespoke concept

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Making Data Centers fit for the Future - Part 1

SWOT analysis: on-premises vs. cloud vs. colocation?
What are the arguments for and against cloud services?
What part of IT will remain on-premises?

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Vlog #6 Transformation informatique : On Premise, Colocation ou Cloud ?

OSI Insights dans le blog vidéo :
Trouvez le bon équilibre.
À quoi ressemble une approche holistique ?

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