PreCONNECT® COPPER HIGH DENSITY – pour une densité de ports plus élevée

The PreCONNECT® COPPER HIGH DENSITY trunk the consistent further development of our successful PreCONNECT® COPPER ToR-G2 trunks, to fulfil the demand on even higher port density.

Le système consiste en

  • Factory assembled 24-pair/6 channel Cu cable, Cat.7 S/FTP AWG23/1 or AWG26/1, FRNC-LSZH indoor cable
  • With shielded Cat. 6a RJ45 jack modules within 19“ Panels, to accomodate the at the trunk legs factory assembled module cubes
  • Suitable patchcords
  • Useful accessories
  • Patch location rack


  • Class EA permanent links with AWG23/1 up to 80 meters, with AWG26/1 up to 60 meters
  • 19“ 1HU panels with two port densities 24 and 48 port selectable

Applications :

  • IT room cabling within data centers
  • Data center and EDGE computing containers

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  • Cost-effective through space and weight savings by the 24-pair cable, particularly appropriate for top-of-the-rack (ToR) cabling
  • Fast and safe installation trough factory assembled plug & play systematic
  • Highest quality and cost-efficiency through factory assembling
  • PreCONNECT® cabling systems consist of perfectly harmonized modular single components

Caractéristiques des différents composants du système

The PreCONNECT® COPPER HIGH-DENSITY Trunk the consistent further development of our successful PreCONNECT® COPPER ToR-G2 Trunks, to fulfil the demand on even higher port density.

Particular suitability for „top-of-the-rack“ through the use of innovative thin, flexible Cat.7 copper data cables with 24 foil-screened AWG23/1 solid wire pairs below an overall copper braid, with a FRNC-LSZH cable jacket. Selectively AWG23/1 or AWG26/1.

The thin and flexible cables are offering their advantages at raised-floor installations too, their much lower volume interferes the flow of the cooling-air less and they do not fill the cable-trays and the raised-floor that much. By laying the cables within equipment racks, the cables can be routed in a manner to not interfere the flow of the cooling-air at the equipment cooling-fan´s
inlet and outlet sides, because of its higher flexibility and its thin diameter. So the cable itself helps your equipment cooling optimization.


  • 6-channel S/FTP Cat.7, solid wire foil-screened pairs, below overall copper braid, FRNC-LSZH cable jacket, color aqua
  • Selectively six 4x2xAWG23/1 or six 4x2xAWG26/1
  • Fire class acc. to EN 50399: AWG23/1 selectively B2ca and Dca, AWG26/1 = Dca
  • Diameter: AWG23/1 B2ca = 18.2mm, AWG23/1 Dca = 18mm, AWG26/1 = 13.9mm

RJ45 Jack module:

Both sides factory assembled with each six Module-Cubes to be installed into the
RJ45 Cat.6A Jack modules within the Panels, fanout legs protected with overall
copper braid. 

Link lengths:

The PreCONNECT® COPPER HIGH-DENSITY Trunks are fulfilling the specifications of permanent-link 10GBE Klasse EA:
- AWG23/1 up to 80m instead of the standardized 90m
- AWG26/1 up to 60m instead of the standardized 90m

The legs with the Module-Cubes are protected with overall copper braids, to guarantee the shielding and grounding of the entire Trunk.

The length of the legs with the Module-Cubes are matched to the corresponding 19“ Panel.

We deliver PreCONNECT® COPPER HIGH-DENSITY Trunks in our well known factory assembled high PreCONNECT® quality and „plug-and-play“ functionality and 100% factory measured of course. You merely must lay the cable, detach the pulling-eyes and snap in the Module-Cubes into the RJ45 Keystone jack modules within the 19” Panels.

Delivery form: As cable ring in cardboard-box with measurement protocol



1HU 24 RJ45 Cat. 6A to accommodate 24 Trunk legs assembled with Module-Cubes:

  • Material: Steel, powder-coated
  • Depth: 120mm

1HU 48 RJ45 Cat. 6A to accommodate 48 Trunk legs assembled with Module-Cubes:

  • Material: Steel, powder-coated
  • Depth: 120mm


RJ45 Cat. 6A Patchcords: 

  • Cat. 6A ISO/IEC, 1:1 coding
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors with 2 component boot with latch protection and protective cap on both sides.
  • Cable type: Cat.7, S/FTP, flex, 4 foil-screened AWG27/7 pairs, up to 900 MHz, FRNC-LSZH
  • Color: grey
  • Other lengths, colors and types on request
  • GHMT PVP certificate no.: z4826X-XX-E

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