Building cabling for digital business processes

Is your building cabling already fit for digital business processes?


The leisurely paternoster used to be considered the ultimate for passenger transport in larger buildings. Its time is over. Today, ultramodern elevators ensure that employees and visitors can travel many floors in just a few seconds. Comparisons can be made for building cabling. Existing, partly outdated cabling infrastructures can only transport a limited volume of data and the speed of transmission rates also leaves something to be desired.

Digitization demands speed

A no-go in the modern business world. Technical progress and the digitalization of processes take their toll. Increasing bandwidths, higher transmission rates and ever more powerful network components are the basis for modern office and building cabling. With modern cabling, business premises can be raised comparatively quickly and economically to a level that meets the requirements of modern business processes.

By using the FTTACP concept, Rosenberger OSI paves the way for a new world of cabling. This format is characterized by maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness as well as simple adaptation to future requirements.

The best of both worlds

The FTTACP concept (fiber to the active consolidation point) is based on an innovative form of structured Ethernet cabling. This is ring-shaped in the backbone and therefore always redundant. At the heart of the solution is PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM, an innovative network architecture that offers high cost savings potential. Due to its high flexibility, PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM is versatile and can be used in many environments without any problems.

As with all products in the PerCONNECT® family, Rosenberger OSI has even strengthend the focus of the current solution on cost-effectiveness and economy (Eco) as well as flexibility (Flex).


Fewer copper cables reduce the fire load

The so-called ACP (active consolidation point) plays a central role in this solution concept. The ACP is connected in the backbone with pre-assembled fiber optic cables. The heart of each ACP consists of a passively cooled switch. It enables using fiber optic technology in the backbone. In the near tertiary area (approx. 20 meters) to the workplaces in the office, copper technology with pre-assembled copper trunk cables or copper patch cords is used. One advantage of short tertiary copper cabling is its low cost. At the same time, the fire load is also reduced by a good two thirds.

Glass fiber is trend-setting

By using the FTTACP concept, Rosenberger OSI is breaking new ground in building cabling. The focus is on optimisation and flexibility.  The new system shifts the weight of the cabling media towards future-oriented fiber optic technology. The proportion of copper cabling is reduced to a necessary level. This saves resources and lowers costs at the same time.

The FTTACP concept combines and optimizes the advantages of both technology worlds. The powerful and cost-effective copper technology is used in the connection area of the end devices. In the building backbone, on the other hand, the space-saving and flexible glass fiber is installed.

Individual networking strategies possible

This means a maximum of flexibility for the customer. The attractive overall system enables new buildings to be networked quickly and individually. With PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM, the cabling of the future can also be installed in existing buildings. The system can be flexibly adapted to any building structure. PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM can even be used in buildings with little room for conversions, without the need for costly construction work. Day-to-day operation is hardly affected.

Installation times significantly reduced

All cables used by Rosenberger OSI for the FTT-ACP concept are pre-assembled. This applies to both the fiber optic and the copper cables. PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'ITTM enables a real plug & play installation on site. The cables only have to be laid and then connected, which can reduce the installation time for many projects by 50 percent. This is an important criterion in view of the closely timed schedules for construction projects.

Is your building cabling already ready for digital business processes? Would you like to learn more about our FTTACP concept? We are happy to hear from you!

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