Fiber optic cabling optimizes data security in data centers


What are the decisive criteria for data center cabling?

Digital transformation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Mobility and, and, and..... in the IT environment the hype topics never run out. Some are disappearing again, others are establishing themselves around the globe as fixed applications in business life. The lynchpin of this development is and remains the data center. This is where the technical prerequisites for all solutions are created, where all the threads come together. The data center is the central platform on which business processes are provided and handled. And they are the most important node for data transformation and secure data transfer. Intelligent, future-oriented cabling ensures that everything remains in flux even with growing data volumes.

Crisp Research analysts, whose forecasts are based on figures from IT provider Cisco, confirm that digital transformation is giving data growth a new boost. In 2019, the amount of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) alone will be 269 times greater than the data that end-user devices transmit to data centers. This IoT data will also be 49 times larger than all global data center traffic in 2019.

Infrastructure as strong as an ox is in demand

Without stable data center infrastructures, this increase in data volumes can no longer be managed. Requirements such as speed, reliability and safety are becoming even more important than before. This guarantees stable data traffic and reliable data processing.

In this context, special attention must be paid to the cabling. According to current knowledge, around 50 percent of all network problems result from a faulty cable infrastructure. Many data center operators are therefore switching to fiber optic cabling more and more frequently. With PreCONNECT® PURE, Rosenberger OSI has a solution that is ideally suited for use in demanding data center environments. In particular, two decisive uncertainties that often affect the quality of data communication in high-end data centers can be eliminated with the solution. These are the contamination on the contacts of the fiber optic connectors and the uncertainties with regard to the actual attenuation budget. With the PURE product line we offer these quality killers a compact and cost-effective alternative to conventional solutions.


Performance and quality are trumps

The performance spectrum of PreCONNECT® PURE LCC is oriented to the requirements that the current transmission protocols of the fiber channels impose on connectors for fiber optics. This applies to high performance of 40/100 Gb/s and soon Ethernet 400 Gb/s as well as the current 16 and future 32 Gb/s fiber channel. These must guarantee ever higher quality levels. The coupling interface pre-assembled with an LCC duplex socket works on both sides of the trunk. The PURE quality for 50µm multimode is better for both attenuation and power dissipation than the highest performance class specified in the IEC 61755-5 Ed. 1.0 CD Grade CM standard.

Safety, reliability and durability are decisive criteria for professional data center cabling. Therefore, only employees with specialist knowledge should lay cables and implement them in a complex data center environment. We at Rosenberger OSI pay particular attention to this. PreCONNECT® PURE LCC is a closed system consisting of a cable core and patch cables. The optical contact is integrated into the LC duplex interface socket of the cable trunk. This prevents soiling and damage during the installation phase.  A secure sealing label protects the system against unauthorized use and thus also secures the data. Only technically qualified and PURE certified personnel are authorised for installation. This enables us to meet high safety standards and ensure the quality of an environment.

The proven PURE system has also been extended by the PreCONNECT® PURE MTP® solution. 

Modern applications need adequate solutions

With the PURE system, significantly longer channels can be realized with a considerably higher number of connections without loss of quality. In practice, our experts see a need for this, especially on the part of multimode channels. With the quality level of the PURE connectors it is possible to have more connections in the channel. In addition, the characteristics of the PURE OM4 fiber allow significantly longer channels than specified in the standard

In addition, the characteristics of the PURE OM4 fiber make it possible to realize significantly longer channels than specified in the standard.

Customer demand is high, as IoT and other modern technologies are ushering in a new era in data centers around the globe. This also explains the desire of the data center operators for adequate solutions. High throughput is required for the rapidly growing data volumes as well as flexibility and low latency times. Attractive costs and, last but not least, high quality standards are additional aspects. When it comes to network design and cabling, flexible solutions are at the top of the customer's wish list.