Webtalk: Trends & Insights for Digital Masterminds

Heading towards the Cloud – has the traditional datacenter had its day?


Concepts, solutions and methods for successful datacenter transformation.


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Gartner forecasts that 80% of corporate datacenters will close by 2025. This dynamic growth in the Cloud and IT outsourcing business is not only challenging existing IT strategies but is also causing considerable cost pressures. The consolidation of the legacy IT, relocations, extensions to or closures of datacenter sites are the resulting measures, all of which bring a wealth of new challenges with them. The project management involved in these tasks imposes very specific demands. But what are the typical project workflows, methods and instruments required for the focused realignment of your organization and processes so that you can set your sights successfully on the future?

In our OSI Webtalk, you will find out:

  • How to develop the optimum strategy for the consolidation of your legacy IT 
  • How to stay on course during your IT and datacenter consolidation 
  • What instruments, methods, solutions are right for guaranteeing stability, reliability and security at your existing or newly opened IT location.  
  • How you can work together with Rosenberger OSI with regard to any potential extension, conversion or relocation of your datacenter capacities to ensure that you achieve your future goals 

Presented by Matthias Reidans, Senior Project Manager, Services


Matthias Reidans works as Senior Project Manager for service provision at Rosenberger OSI. He started his career in 1999 as a trained consultant for EDP/telecommunications with major international IT corporations. He also specializes in the subject of datacenter consolidation at various locations throughout Europe. He has successfully contributed his expertise in methodologies and project management standards to various outsourcing- and Cloud-oriented transformation projects, frequently lasting several years, for customers in a wide range of sectors such as banking, retail, transport and industry.