The need 4 speed - volume 6: Update 400/800G and 1.6TB optical transceiver


How the cabling for 400/800G Ethernet can look like

Modern data centers have to meet many requirements. In addition to supporting ever higher speeds, resilience, and achieving maximum space savings, the issue of sustainability has also come to the fore.

The webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • Who will win the race as a fiber optic connector interface - MTP® (MPO), MDC or SN® (SAC)?
  • How is the topic of port breakout, which is gaining in relevance, developing as a result?
  • What contribution can these new transceivers make to the sustainability of data centers?

Presented by Harald Jungbäck, Product Manager FO cabling systems


Harald Jungbäck draws his fiber optic expertise from his many years of work at Rosenberger OSI. In 1993 he started his career in product and manufacturing process development. Only three years later he took over the tasks of technical director and quality manager and was significantly involved in the technical development of the production sites in Germany, Hungary and China. Today, as Product Manager "Fiber Optic Cabling Systems", he is responsible for the consistent expansion of the product range and the technological innovation process in this area. Furthermore, he is an active member of the DKE standardization working group GAK 715.3.5 for structured cabling and other GAK's.