Rely on the experts

To perform at the highest level, a data center must have state-of-the-art cabling products. But expert planning and installation are also of utmost importance, as is continuous maintenance. IT applications are becoming less and less fault-tolerant whereas their sophistication increases. Even a minor flaw can adversely affect overall performance. With Rosenberger OSI Services you’ll feel confident in every phase of your project.

The advantages for you

  • You ensure consistent transmission quality over the long term
  • You minimize technical downtimes by relying on experienced specialists
  • You relieve your technical staff of work unrelated to your core business
  • You obtain quick, expert help in an emergency
  • You can plan with confidence on the basis of fixed, foreseeable costs

Consulting Services

  • Advisory services
  • Conception and planning
  • Training and workshops

Installation Services

  • Installation and mounting
  • Project management and site supervision
  • Quality assurance

Managed Services

  • Basic services for data center operation
  • Guaranteeing of resources
  • Additional services as needed