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3M Expanded Beam Optical (EBO) Latch Connector for PreCONNECT® solutions

The best of both worlds: Singlemode and expanded beam connectors

Reliable connectors that can be repeatedly plugged in and unplugged while still maintaining constant performance over all fibers – that is what 3M EBO has to offer. 

The innovative yet extremely simple structure of this expanded beam plug connector permits repeated plugging and unplugging with no loss of performance and no need to clean the end faces. What is more, it is all but insensitive to vibrations and dust. Because the end faces of the fibers do not physically touch one another, the risk of chipping, scratches and damage is eliminated, while simultaneously guaranteeing outstanding IL and RL performance.

In contrast to earlier expanded beam methods, the 3M EBO Expanded Beam Latch connector uses a new mirror reflex collimation lens in order to expand the light path and overcome the effect of surface particles on the IL and RL performance. Tiny deviations in the fiber alignment in plug connections (lateral offset) are all but eliminated.

This new technology, which has been patented by 3M, not only permits multimode applications but also makes it possible to use the expanded beam for singlemode applications – something that was not possible in the past, in particular in the case of multiple fibers.



  • The connector developed by 3M is less sensitive to dirt, so that multiple matings are possible with minimal cleaning effort
  • 3M EBO offers outstanding attenuation values for singlemode applications - insert loss: <0.70 dB and return loss: >55 dB
  • The 3M EBO is equipped with a ferrule supporting 12 singlemode or multimode fibers



  • Low sensitivity to dust
  • Stable performance even after repeated mating cycles
  • Low insertion and return loss for both singlemode and multimode
  • Scalable up to 144 fibers
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Forward-looking



  • Trunk cables for data centers
  • Data center patch location
  • Data center ToR and EoR distribution
  • Multi-link use
  • Industry 4.0 applications
  • Optical board connections
  • Chassis plug connections

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