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19" PreCONNECT® DATA CENTER PANEL DCP - Port density: 72 LC-Duplex per HU

Rosenberger OSI offers with the PreCONNECT® DCP (Data Center Panel) a highly modular, plastic-reduced 19“ panel system for HIGH DENSITY data center data cabling.

With up to 72 Ports LC-Duplex or MTP® per height unit, a very high utilization of the front surface is achieved. A service-friendly assembly without tools of the adapter inserts or the MTP® module cassettes can be carried out, also the assembly of the module drawers, the pull-out to two positions and the removal for maintenance. In addition, height unit-neutral patchcord guides are integrated at the front of the 1/3HU module drawers and the panel can be mounted in three depth levels using adjustable 19" mounting brackets.


  • Port density: 72 LC-Duplex or MTP® ports per height unit HU, 24 ports per 1/3HU module drawer
  • 19“ 1HU, 2HU and 4HU panels with integrated 1/3HU module drawers in 6/6 and 4/4 slot partitions
  • Can be toolless equipped with MTP®-LC module cassettes or LC and MTP® adapter inserts
  • Module drawers can be toolless equipped with module cassettes and adapter inserts from the front and rear side
  • Module drawers can pulled out toolless to two positions and can be taken out for maintenance
  • Height unit neutral patchcord guides integrated in the front part of the 1/3HU module drawers
  • Through its adjustable 19“ mounting brackets the panel can be mounted in three depth steps
  • Two trunk management panel rear sections, fitting for trunks with different cable divider diameter

Fields of application of 19" PreCONNECT® DATA CENTER PANEL DCP:

  • Data center cabling

Further information about the different applications can be found in the product information.

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    • Maximum modularity to configure individual cabling structures for all IT applications like Ethernet and Fibre Channel
    • Appropriate for Spine-Leaf architectures, up to 10 trunks coming from Leaf Switches can be accommodated in a single 1HU PreCONNECT® DCP next to the Spine-Switch
    • Fast and easy handling during installation and while Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs), one-man installation possible
    • High user friendliness during operation and service
    • Simple and low-cost migration to other applications, e.g. from duplex technology to MTP® based Parallel Optics


    • 19“ panel system for HIGH DENSITY data center data cabling
    • For applications with high packing density up to 72 ports LC-Duplex or MTP® per HU (HD = High Density)
    • Suitable for Spine-Leaf architectures
    • For all IT applications, as e.g. Ethernet and Fibre Channel

    Further technical properties - 19" PreCONNECT® DATA CENTER PANEL DCP:

    Two trunk management panel rear sections, fitting for trunks with different cable divider diameters:

    Universal trunk mangement:

    • For universal, toolless accommodation of up to 10 trunks with cable divider and square interfaces diameters of maximum 30mm.
    • Trunk routing form both sides and rear possible.
    • With toolless mountable cover.
    • Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs) can be done toolless, simple and fast.
    • Universal-trunk management comes with 1 pcs. of the cable divider bracket 30mm.
    • Additionally needed cable divider brackets must be ordered separately.


    • For toolless accommodation of 72 channel LC-COMPACT trunks with cable divider diameters of 40mm. 
    • Trunk routing form both sides and rear possible. 
    • With toolless mountable cover.

    Material and color:

    • Panel body: aluminum powder coated RAL9005 black
    • 19“ mounting brackets: steel powder coated RAL9005 black
    • Module drawers: steel powder coated RAL9005 black
    • Guiding rails and patchcord guides: plastic RAL9005 black


    • 1HU panel with module drawers and trunk management, without cassettes or adapter inserts: 5,7 kg

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