PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT™ LAN cabling system

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT- Active & passive networks from one source

LAN cabling: Efficient active and passive network from a single source
Adaptable, clever, perfect price

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT is the next step on from PerCONNECT®, with active components and an innovative overall concept which focuses on efficient and flexible and find its application in new and existing network installations.
A central element in this complete system is the Active Consolidation Point (ACP), which is integrated in the backbone with fiber optics and is distributed in the close tertiary area (max. 20 m) on copper trunks or patch cables.
PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT is a ring configuration which is redundantly designed as an FTTACP (fiber to the active consolidation point).
By installing the ACPs in raised floors, ceilings or walls, the cabling system can be integrated in any work environment without the need for additional space, can be taken out again at any time, is easy to move and is flexibly upgradeable.

System consists of

  • Fiber optic trunk and semi-trunk cables with and without square interface
  • A wide range of fiber optic patchcords and accessories
  • Copper patchcords and copper trunk cables
  • 19" panel systems with splice and distribution variants
  • 19" free-standing and 19" wall distributors
  • 19" distribution and splice panels
  • Distribution box for ACP connection
  • ACP panels (Active Consolidation Point) for installation in raised floors, in suspended ceilings or on walls
  • Industrial switch with passive cooling


  • Innovative redundant Ethernet cabling concept with ACP
  • Accelerated project lead times and lower material input
  • Optimized FTTACP concept and reduced post-construction costs
  • Planning, production, installation and commissioning of active and passive technology from a single source
  • Price per port

Fields of applications:

Cabling system for

  • LAN-Networks
  • temporary network expansions
  • buildings in modular design

Further information about the different applications can be found in the product information.

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  • No engineering room (as required for structured building cabling) means there is more space available for use
  • The FTTACP concept means seamless retrofitting does not interrupt operations
  • Use of standard cabling saves up to 50% in time and money during installation
  • Up to 60% savings in material costs for tertiary copper cabling
  • Less cabling reduces fire risks, cable routing and firewall dimensions
  • Less construction work as no IT rooms or technical building equipment needed
  • Less coordination required
  • Integrated project planning
  • Investment protection
  • Complete supply of services from inspection, planning, installation (active and passive) to acceptance
  • Time savings: no more measurements
  • Transparent costs for future extensions

Properties of individual system components 

ACP access floor housing

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT 19“-fixed raised floor housing 1HU (black)

Shipment & integrated accessories:

  • 1x access floor rack (material: sheet steel)
  • 2x doors (one handle) with ventilation slots and lockable (type: 141T)
  • 2x viewing windows
  • 2x integrated 19“-levels 1HU
  • 1x power source with:
    - 1x IEC 14 male input plug
    - 4x IEC 13 female plugs
    - 1x circuit breaker 10 A, 30 mA
  • 2x DIN rails 35 x 75mm
  • 1x DIN rail 35 x 150mm
  • 1x double DIN rail 35 x 300mm
  • 4x cable entries 210 mm with brush seal
  • 6x 15mm screw for height adjustments up to 7mm
  • 2x 600 x 600 mm steel plates (cover plates)


  • Housing: 595 x1195 x 68,5 mm
  • Doors: 595 x 597 mm
  • Min. plenum height for installation: 63 mm
  • Cover plates 598 x 598 mm

Available plate heights:

  • 24,5 mm for access floor of 30 mm
  • 14,5 mm for access floor of 20 mm


ACP drop ceiling housing

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT 19“-mobile drop ceiling housing 2HU (black)

Shipment & integrated accessories:

  • 1x basic rack for ceiling mounting
  • 1x moving rack with ventilation slots (material: sheet steel)
  • 1x hood detachable and lockable (type: 141T), incl. swivelling front hood with brush seal
  • 1x 19“-level 2HU
  • 1x power source with:
    - 1x IEC 14 male input plug
    - 4x IEC 13 female plugs
    - 1x circuit breaker 10 A, 30 mA
  • 2x hydraulic cylinders
  • 2x DIN rails 35 x 75 mm
  • 1x double DIN rail 35 x 300 mm
  • 2x cable entries on backside with brush seal
  • 1x safety wire rope


basic rack: 580 x 800 x 95 mm
moving rack: 530 x 800 x 95 mm
swivelling front hood: 100 x 95 mm


ACP wall housing

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT 19“-wall housing 2HU (black or white)

Shipment & integrated accessories:

  • 1x rack with ventilation slots (material: sheet steel)
  • 1x front door with ventilation slots and lockable (type: 141T)
  • 1x 19“-level 2HU
  • 1x power source with:
    - 1x IEC 14 male input plug
    - 4x IEC 13 female plugs
    - 1x circuit breaker 10 A, 30 mA
  • 2x DIN rails 35 x 500 mm
  • 2x DIN rails 35 x 75 mm
  • 1x cable entry with brush seal


housing: 600 x 680 x 110 mm
hood: 580 x 600 mm


PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT 19“-distribution enclosure stackable

Shipment & integrated accessories:

  • 1x dismountable steel profile cabinet rack
  • 2x two lateral sash doors with quick lock mechanism
  • 1x front perforated sheet metal door with three-point lock mechanism
  • 1x rear perforated sheet metal door with three-point lock mechanism
  • 1x 19" level 42 HU, front and rear
  • 1x top panel with cable entry and/or fan module option
  • 1x base provided
  • 1x cover plates in the bottom area can be removed for cable entry
  • 1x grounding kit (installed)


trim parts/base: RAL 7035 light gray
design profile: RAL 3002 carmine red

Dimensions:  W x D: 800 x 800 mm

Delivery form: fully assembled, base provided


PerCONNECT® EcoFlex’IT 19“-standing distributor

Shipment & integrated accessories:

  • solid frame construction (welded frame)
  • 19" level 19 HU, front and rear
  • fast and easy access due to dismountable frame covers
  • dimensions W x D: 600 x 700 mm
  • pre-perforated cut-outs for easy cable entry in top & bottom
  • possibility to mount fan-units in top & bottom
  • door hinges interchangeable
  • doors with lever lock (profile semi cylinder optional)
  • covers and side walls with sash fasteners

Technical information:

material: sheet metal
cover made from aluminium
surface: powder coated RAL 7035 light gray
side walls in RAL 7037 dust gray

Delivery form: completely assembled

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