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19" SMAP-G2 HDP Distribution Panel

19" SMAP-G2 high density plate distribution panel with MTP® modules


  • Maximized modularity and flexibility thanks to application-specific combinations of 1/4 part front plates in three levels with 1 HU
  • Extremely robust, lightweight panel
  • MTP® modules for the connection of PreCONNECT®, FIBER Trunks with MTP® connectors (12 fibers)
  • MTP® type on module backplane: 12 fibers; guide pins: male (MTP® trunks are female as standard)
  • Coding "uncrossed" to maintain the channel-specific "crossing" of our MTP® trunks


  • 1 HU panel for installation in 19" racks in distribution systems
  • For applications with high packing density up to 144 fibers per HU (HDP = High Density Plate)
  • For separation of 6 MTP® connector channels into fiber optic connectors in the patchfield, e.g. LC Duplex

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