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Future-oriented cabling for transmission system operator TenneT

TenneT relies on modern control centers to monitor its grids, that can grow with the requirements of the dynamic energy market.

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MIX: the best components for maximum reliability

MIX chose Rosenberger OSI as the partner best suited to filling its need to set up and maintain a high-performing system with best possible cabling products.

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VUB banka: state-of-the-art datacenter

Young at Heart - Innovative cabling at Universal Bank VUB

Universalbank VUB relies on innovative cabling infrastructure and equips itself with the flexible physical layer network to meet the challenges of the future.

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Tatra banka

Banking on a State of the Art Data Center Infrastructure

Rosenberger OSI’s cabling infrastructure, design & installation expertise ensures Tatra banka now has a highly optimized center networking platform.

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New datacenter for DVAG

Rosenberger OSI realizes modern data center for DVAG

Rosenberger OSI realizes modern data center for DVAG at new location. High performance applications are essential. Planning and communication are everything.

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New fiber infrastructure at Internet Exchange AMS-IX

AMS-IX makes the most of its connections

How one of the largest global Internet Exchanges is meeting the demand for increased bandwidth performance & network scalability while reducing operating costs.

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