Rosenberger OSI is awarded

Rosenberger OSI awarded with German Data Center Award 2017 for the development of fiber optic cables with Lotus effect

Awarded research concept prevents adhesion of particles on fiber end surfaces

Augsburg, April 25 2017 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative cabling infrastructure solutions based on fiber optics has been awarded with the 2nd place of the German Data Center Award (DRZP) 2017 in the category “ideas & research around datacenters”.This has been announced on April 25 in Darmstadt, Germany, during the “future thinking” event. A novel fiber optic cable with Lotus effect has been awarded preventing adhesion of any contaminations on the fiber end surface. The product is currently in prototyping status.

"A big part of the interferences with fiber optic cables is due to the contamination of the connectors. Our goal has been to develop a connector which eliminates the adhesion of particles on its surface. The elimination of staining increases the reliability of the optical fiber links which results in more stable networks and the reduction of unexpected downtimes”, explains Paul Maier, product manager at Rosenberger OSI.

Lotus effect prevents adhesion of contamination

Rosenberger OSI has successfully developed fiber optic cables with fiber end surfaces preventing contamination characterized by hydrophobic and oleophobic features and made possible by applying a coating under low-pressure plasma conditions. This generates an antistatic effect that generally prevents the adhesion of particles on the surface (Lotus effect).

"We are providing a radically new approach solving one of the neuralgic problems of the contamination of fiber optic couplers with the development of a specific process for coating of glass / ceramic surfaces which can be smoothly implemented in the production process,” explains Maier. The surface of the new fiber optic connector is characterized by dirt-, humidity- and fat repellant features.

Elimination of time- and cost intensive downtimes

The control of the contamination problem significantly increases the reliability and availability of fiber optic networks and eliminates time- and cost intensive downtimes. Furthermore, the cleaning of the connector surface during the installation of cables is redundant which results in time and cost savings for the user.

Maximized reliability

"We are very excited having received the award for our product idea: the Lotus effect reduces the installation time and thus the installation cost to a necessary minimum as the cleaning of the connectors is obsolete. In addition, a maximization of reliability is guaranteed because the adhesion of dirt or particles in the optical path is generally prevented,” concludes the managing director of Rosenberger OSI, Thomas Schmidt.