trends for data center cabling

Important trends for future-oriented data center cabling - Part 1

What cabling for 400G Ethernet might look like
With multi-fibre plugs to the high-speed network

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing: On the edge and yet right in the middle

Edge Data Center – old ideas in new packages? Where is edge computing used? Trend researchers see Edge as gaining momentum.

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MTP®/MPO cabling systems on the advance - but why actually?

By optimally utilizing fibers with Parallel Optics applications, channel attenuation, installation costs and data center space can significantly be reduced.

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new choices in multimode fiber technology

New Perspectives in Multimode Fiber Technology

OM5 - the multimode fiber for wavelength multiplexing. What is the key performance advantage of OM5 vs. OM4?

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Singlemode or multimode glass fiber?

How can performance and costs be meaningfully evaluated against each other? A comprehensive need analysis is the key to success.

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Structured cabling - current specifications & recommendations

Structured cabling creates a future-proof basis for networks regardless of applications. Current standards, infrastructure and advantages.

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