A natural phenomen helps high-tech - can it work for the day-to-day-work in datacenters?

There's one fact that can't be changed: The data center is the heart of every company's IT. With its availability, business processes stand and fall. Failures can be expensive and scratch your image. That's why it's essential to investigate the causes quickly if the IT does get out of sync.

Cabling must not be ignored when searching for possible sources of error. Physical disturbances, but also contamination of any kind, can be factors for errors in the passive data cabling and hinder the operation of the data center or even shut it down. The Rosenberger OSI service team is often called by customers to "fire brigade action" when the cabling no longer plays along. Such operations often show, that malfunctions in the fiber optic infrastructure are caused by impurities on the connector surfaces.

Time pressure makes you careless

And such contamination of the connectors occurs more frequently than one might think. The reason for this is usually a high time pressure, under which the in-house technicians are working in the data center. The motto "Inspect before connect" - microscopic inspection of connector surfaces for dirt and subsequent cleaning - should be standard practice. But this decisive and costly step is often neglected in everyday life for reasons of time and cost.

This lack of care during installation pays off. The adhesion of dust, moisture or grease particles on the contact surfaces are frequent reasons for the failure of the cabling. Even a small fingerprint on the connector can have a fatal effect. In the case of fiber optic cabling, this often causes considerable performance problems, even total failure. The cleaning effort afterwards is great.

High-tech learns from nature

Nature has the solution to this problem: Who doesn't know the pictures of rain falling on a lotus leaf and the dripping drops? This effect is caused by microscopically small wax crystals. They provide a rough, nubby surface structure of the leaf. As a result, dirt particles and water droplets have only a few contact points with the leaf. This practically eliminates adhesion.

With the lotus effect, Rosenberger OSI now tackles the problem of contamination. The world novelty PreCONNECT® LOTUS was developed for this purpose. Impurities in the area of fiber optic cabling are finally a thing of the past.

For the development, the experts used nature's box of tricks. They have relied on the lotus effect already mentioned. LWL surfaces with PreCONNECT® LOTUS are provided with a unique coating, which provides the proverbial lotus effect. Due to the novel surface, the contact points of the glass fiber connectors are dirt, moisture and grease repellent. Rosenberger OSI also holds a patent for this innovative process.

Natural phenomenon saves time and money

The lotus effect significantly reduces the installation times and costs of a fiber optic cabling, because the previously necessary cleaning of the connector surfaces is no longer necessary. Due to the lotus effect, which forms the basis of PreCONNECT® LOTUS, time-consuming and costly downtimes of the data center are history.

A data center is not a clean room - have you already had to struggle with infrastructure failures because the connectors of the cabling were contaminated?