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What does a colocation provider need in order to win over the customers of the future?


The right solutions to bring more flexibility, service quality and IT security

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Very many companies in Germany are now turning to colocation solutions and demand is increasing. Colocation service providers must create ideal conditions that optimize IT outsourcing for their customers. Customers' requirements regarding colocation services have evolved enormously in recent years and are often extremely individual and specific. There is also considerable pressure to modernize in the field of IT infrastructure. Colocation service providers are therefore confronted by many different challenges, both in terms of cabling and with regard to compliance with Service Level Agreements. And this situation is being made even more complex by the arrival of new regulations in the field of IT security.

Four expert presentations on the topics:

  • Savings in costs plus reduced space requirements through scalable cabling
  • Providing services for trouble-free, flexible colocation operation
  • Successful, problem-free relocation to a colocation data center
  • What the KRITIS regulation means for colocation service providers in practice

Presented by our experts at Rosenberger OSI:

Luis Brücher - Product Manager for the data center division
Martin Lukas - Process Manager in Service
Stephan Riechmann - Senior Project Manager Service
Matthias Reidans - Project Consultant Services


Luis Brücher has been Data Center Product Manager for Rosenberger OSI since 2021. His main focus is the continuous further development of the product portfolio. He is aided in this by 20 years of experience in the hyperscaler, telecoms, broadband, fiber-to-the-home and passive distributed antenna (DAS) markets, gathered not only in Europe but also in America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Martin Lukas has been responsible for the Service business process at Rosenberger OSI since 2012. In addition to defining and continuously extending the service portfolio, his main focus is placed on the consistent expansion of service activities throughout Germany. Another task takes the form of the continuous further development of the associated team skills. To do this, he can call on more than 25 years’ experience in the IT services sector, acquired both in a Group environment and with various mid-sized companies.

Stephan Riechmann is Senior Project Manager in the Service sector at Rosenberger OSI. His main focus lies in the planning, control and coordination of data center relocations. His other tasks include the operation of entire customer environments in colocation data centers. He launched his professional career in the IT sector back in the nineties. His in-depth knowledge of the data center market, acquired in a number of different sectors such as banking and insurance, medicine, transport, industry and distribution ranges from the tasks of mainframe system operators through to Cloud migration for hyperscalers.

Matthias Reidans works as Project Consultant in the Services sector at Rosenberger OSI. He started his career in 1999 as a trained consultant for EDP/telecommunications with major international IT corporations. He also specializes in the subject of data center consolidation at various locations throughout Europe. He has successfully contributed his expertise in methodologies and project management standards to various outsourcing and Cloud-oriented transformation projects, frequently lasting several years, for customers in a wide range of sectors such as banking, retail, transport and industry.


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