Webinar recording

Smart networking: How your building network can keep pace with the demands of the Working World 4.0

Modern ways of working have long been part of our everyday professional lives. A range of collaboration tools are used in parallel without us even thinking about it. Processes are being digitalized and designed more efficiently. Interfaces are being eliminated. But one thing is often forgotten: These innovative technologies, programs and working methods only function if the underlying infrastructure lives up to the demands placed on it. What is needed is a fast, secure LAN network which will continue to provide the performance you need now and in the future and which corresponds to your enterprise’s specific strategic orientation as well as to your building, IT and process structures. In our webinar, you can find out how all this is possible.

We will be focusing on the following issues:

  • Minimization of tertiary copper cabling through intelligent use of fiber optics
  • Cost savings during initial installation, in operation and when implementing retrofits 
  • Building infrastructure optimization for Power over Ethernet applications (PoE). 
  • High level of flexibility in the spatial layout of workplaces, including during ongoing business operation
  • Dynamic extensions to bandwidth and individual assignment of data rates within the building.

Presented by Ronny Mees

Ronny Mees has been Product Manager for Datacom activities at Rosenberger OSI since 2019. His professional interest in the telecommunications sector started back in 1986 when he began training as a communications specialist. After completing his studies in communications technology in 1995, he first worked as a consultant for telecommunications applications in a consulting firm before turning his attention to product management in 2000, working first for a systems house and then for a manufacturer of free-space optical communication systems and a manufacturer of datacenter infrastructure.