Are expanded beam connector systems an alternative to the MTP®/MPO connector?


Multfiber connectors as key components in the passive fiber optic infrastructure

Global data volumes are growing at a furious pace. Driven by ever higher levels of digitalization, the requirements placed on data centers are constantly growing. Huge quantities of data have to be transferred quickly, securely and reliably. As a result, the requirements placed on data center components such as multifiber connectors are also increasing because these have a decisive influence on signal transmission. High-quality fiber optic connectors ensure outstandingly high data transmission rates and uninterrupted availability.
This makes it all the more important to choose, use and maintain fiber optic connectors correctly.

In focus:

  • MTP®/MPO connectors - Parallel optics and contamination as a risk factor
  • Multifiber expanded beam connector systems - A genuine alternative?