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PreCONNECT® SMAP-G2 HD para el centro de I+D de NaverLabs

El especialista en cableado equipa el centro de I+D de NaverLabs con paneles de fibra óptica PreCONNECT® SMAP-G2 (HD).

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Rosenberger OSI installs modern data network in Erdweg elementary and middle school

Cabling specialist supports "DigitalPakt Schule". PreCONNECT® smartNET brings high-speed Internet into the classroom.

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Rosenberger OSI continues to expand and develop data center market in North America

The proven cooperation between Rosenberger OSI and the affiliated company RSS is being expanded in the datacenter sector.

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Rosenberger OSI presents completely new LAN portfolio with three modern solutions for effective building cabling

PreCONNECT® isoNET, flexNET & smartNET set new standards for effective building cabling.

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Rosenberger OSI installs state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure in new building of envia TEL's colocation data center

Installation of future-oriented cabling infrastructure meets all the requirements for SK3/VK3 of the EN 50600 certification.

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Rosenberger OSI honored as "Digital Innovation Leader" on the occasion of its 30th anniversary

Award as "Digital Innovation Leader 2020" (F.A.Z. Institute) for the patents submitted in the field of FO infrastructure.

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