PerCONNECT® LAN cabling system


LAN Cabling keep it simple, but smart:
Simple, flexible, cost-effective

Cabling design created by experts, operational flexibility, modularity and fast, simple installation with performance guaranteed: that is PerCONNECT®.

PerCONNECT® combines copper and fiber optic transmission technologies to create an optimized building cabling concept – simple, flexible, cost-effective.


  • On one side factory assembled FO loose tube cables up to 48 fibers, with "standard stepped" connector legs
  • Therefore, explicitly developed 19" Panel systems: as splice- and distribution variant
  • A large variety of fiber optic installation cables, patchcords and accessories
  • Copper installation cables, patchcords
  • Wall-mounted and distributor cabinets: as splice- and distribution variant
  • Central and floor distributor


  • End-to-end, fully harmonized cabling system for cabling buildings and offices
  • Simple: turnkey solution, planning, installation and documentation from a single source
  • Smart: time-saving, cost-effective LAN cabling with single-sided pre-assembly and cabling design created by experts

Product Overview and Resources