PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT™ LAN cabling system


LAN cabling: Efficient active and passive network from a single source
Adaptable, clever, perfect price

PerCONNECT® EcoFlex'IT is the next step on from PerCONNECT®, with active components and an innovative overall concept which focuses on efficient and flexible new and existing network installations.


  • Fiber optic trunk and semi-trunk cables with and without square interface
  • 19" panel systems with splice and distribution variants
  • A wide range of fiber optic patchcords and accessories
  • Copper patchcords and copper trunk cables
  • 19" free-standing and 19" wall distributors
  • Fiber optic wall panels and fiber optic distributor boxes
  • ACP panels (Active Consolidation Point) for installation in raised floors, in suspended ceilings or on walls


  • Adaptability: Easily expanded and modified in new or existing networks
  • Cleverness: A system of matching standard components, simplified project planning, smooth expansion/adaptation during
  • ongoing business with a ring configuration and redundant FTT ACP concept.
  • Perfect price: Huge savings possible in tertiary infrastructure (cable quantity, cable routing) and in power consumption thanks to efficient ACPs, investment protected by taking and re-using all active and almost all passive components following relocation.

Product Overview and Resources