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Rosenberger OSI strengthens Presence in Eastern Europe through Cooperation with Dimension Data in Slovakia

Rosenberger OSI's presence will now also be intensified in Eastern Europe. This is achieved by a cooperation with the Slovakian IT service provider...


Rosenberger OSI expands Sales Activities in Scandinavian Market

Rosenberger OSI is intensifying its sales and marketing activities in Scandinavia. Start will be November 29 at the Datacenter Forum in Stockholm,...


Rosenberger OSI wins IT Award 2018 for the third time in succession

At the IT Awards 2018 of Vogel IT-Medien, Rosenberger OSI has been awarded for the third time in succession and received the Platinum Award in the...


Rosenberger OSI awarded by Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2018 Innovators Awards Program in the category Cabling Media

Cabling specialist receives award for the development of an innovative fiber optic connector with dirt-repellent fiber ends.


Latest Media Highlights

Rosenberger OSI unveils redundant fiber-optic LAN cabling system for office, building Ethernet sector

As a LAN cabling extension to its PerCONNECT data center infrastructure line, and representing "an innovative redundant Ethernet...


Self-cleaning fiber-optic connectors from Rosenberger OSI employ Lotus effect

In March, Rosenberger OSI let it be known that the company is near completion of a technology research initiative "with the goal...


Rosenberger OSI develops singlemode eight-fiber MTP cabling solution for data centers

Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) recently introduced a new parallel optical data center cabling...


Rosenberger OSI reveals new EcoFlex’IT for office and building cabling sector

Rosenberger OSI has revealed the next step on from its PerCONNECT portfolio of data centre cabling infrastructure for the office...


Latest Microblog

Future-oriented cabling is paving the way for Smart Working

Flexibility is an essential feature of the working world 4.0. Of course, the cabling must also play a role. Economy and plug & play installation are...


Service specialists are the heroes of the data center

Data centers are not rigid constructs, but growing entities. To avoid chaos, specialists are needed to maintain and supervise an installation. Service...


Parallel optics cabling transports huge data streams in real time

It is said that Leonardo da Vinci had the knowledge of his time in mind. He could retrieve it at any time. But with today's flood of knowledge, the...


Fiber optic cabling optimizes data security in data centers

Digital transformation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Mobility and, and, and..... in the IT environment the hype topics never run out. Some are...


Latest Success Stories

MIX – Milan Internet Exchange: the best components for maximum reliability and performance

The Milan Internet Exchange achieves its objectives thanks also to the optimal technical components.


Young at Heart

Flexible physical layer infrastructure ensures VUB keeps pace with the future


Banking on a State of the Art Data Center Infrastructure

Rosenberger OSI cabling infrastructure solutions at the heart of Tatra banka’s new fit for purpose datacenter


Costs and schedule well under control

Rosenberger OSI realizes modern data center for DVAG at new location


Latest Whitepaper

FTT-ACP: Ready for the future in building cabling

Maximum flexibility and efficiency are essential for building cabling, along with the ability to adapt easily to future requirements. FTT-ACP makes...


OM5 versus OM4 – Solution concepts and potential applications

The OM5 fiber is the latest member in the 50 µm multimode fiber family. What is the difference to OM4?


Significance of the Construction Products Regulation, including for data centers

The aim of the Construction Products Regulation is to protect people in buildings against the consequences of a fire. How is it possible to prevent...


Roadmap to 400 Gigabit Ethernet over Multimode Fiber

The unprecedented exponential growth of information technology (IT) data is not a new finding. To transmit this rapidly increasing data volume, it is...


Latest Videos

Fiber optic connectors with Lotus effect

Rosenberger OSI is currently doing research with the goal to develop a self-cleaning connector. The Lotus effect results in hydrophobic, oleophobic...


Rosenberger OSI: Your one-stop-shop partner

Rosenberger OSI not only provides you with the latest, reliable and future-oriented cabling solutions but the powerful service team.



PreCONNECT® OCTO: less fibers, more performance

PreCONNECT® OCTO is a comprehensive system for structured parallel optical data transmission cabling.


PreCONNECT® PURE: the cleanroom for installation

PreCONNECT® PURE eliminates two uncertainty factors that are critical to overall performance in day-to-day operations: contamination and loss budget.